Immediate Action is Required to Avoid Draconian Financial Consequences for California Entities

What services can the Watkins Firm offer your business or non-profit organization to reduce your risk and ensure compliance with Dynamex – the recent California Supreme Court opinion which has changed the nature of doing business in San Diego and across California?  The Watkins Firm works with our clients to take immediate action to reduce or eliminate past, present and future financial risks associated with the misclassification of employees as independent contractors and come into compliance with Dynamex related laws and regulations.

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Issues of Concern for Employers Regarding the Recent Dymamex Decision

We work to reduce the likelihood of the filing of a complaint or action against your organization by an existing 1099 worker.  A single complaint by any 1099 worker, independent contractor or employee will trigger an immediate investigation and full scale audit of workers who have served your entity as an independent contractor for the past 4 years.

We help our clients to fully understand the requirements of the new law.  We work to identify potential conflicts for 1099 workers or independent contractors and develop a strategy to successfully bring these workers into compliance with Dynamex.  This includes the development of new employment contracts, internal processes and payment procedures.  We provide training for all levels of company management to help them to understand the proper classification of workers and how to reduce financial and legal risks at every level of your company or organization.

Ensure Existing Contractors are Properly Classified and Compliance with Dynamex

The Watkins Firm will review the present contracts used with independent contractors and 1099 workers as the contract’s language will ultimately determine if workers are correctly classified.  When the new ABC test provided under Dynamex suggests a current independent contractor is misclassified we work with our clients to take immediate action to reclassify the worker(s) and bring them into compliance.

We provide sound counsel to ensure all of our client’s actions minimize the risk of financial exposure and provide counsel to help existing workers to transition seamlessly to a proper classification status without raising new red flags.

We advise our clients regarding the addition of mandatory arbitration and class action waiver provisions in existing and new employment and consulting agreements.  Many contracts specify arbitration but fail to address a class action waiver.  These crucial terms and conditions can prevent future litigation and ensure a smooth transition.

The Watkins Firm works with existing independent contractors to prevent disputes and to quickly resolve questions or issues which might arise.  It is important to seek a properly drafted and executed release to come into compliance with Dynamex and ensure additional protections against future financial liabilities.

A Firm with Decades of Business and Employment Law Experience

The Watkins Firm has served the San Diego business community for decades and has established a strong reputation and a successful track record at trial defending San Diego employers and business entities.  Our proven general business counsel and employer defense attorneys will help your entity to come into immediate compliance with Dynamex while working to protect you against past, present and future financial liabilities.  Our work will save your business or organization a substantial amount of money and in many cases prevent the genuine potential of bankruptcy or the closing of your company.

We invite you to review the recommendations of our clients and the legal industry and contact the Watkins Firm or call 858-535-1511 for a free consultation and to schedule an appointment with one of our experienced attorneys.  The Dynamex opinion is certainly not good news for most California businesses.  It is, however, a genuine reality and the risks associated with misclassification cannot be overstated.  Take action today to protect your business and save a substantial amount of money, time and hassle.