Negotiating and Reviewing Commercial Leases in San Diego

Every company in the San Diego region needs an effective space from which to conduct their business.  The most effective strategy for many businesses is to lease space in an office building, warehouse or commercial district.  The experienced commercial lease attorneys at the Watkins Firm have decades of experience negotiating and reviewing commercial leases throughout San Diego and Southern California.  The commercial lease is often one of the primary expenses for any San Diego business and represents one of the best opportunities to secure the profitability of your company while positioning it for long term growth and success.

Your commercial lease and the real estate associated with it will help to establish your corporate identity, as well as the conditions and amenities you and your employees will enjoy in the coming months and years.  San Diego landlords are bringing a more aggressive posture to the negotiating table, and you need experienced real estate and commercial lease attorneys who can protect your interests and level the playing field.

Commercial Lease Documents are Much More Complex

Just as we have all experienced in the mortgage industry, commercial leases have changed in a substantial way over the past decade.  Commercial leases used to be a relatively short document.  Today a commercial lease often incorporates elements of landlord-tenant law, real estate law and “build-to-suit” or construction documents related to modifications to the space.  As a result, commercial leasing contracts are a thick stack of documents filled with legalese and complex terms and conditions.  How do you know you are getting the best results for your company while ensuring the lease documents contain the entire agreement between you and the commercial building owner?

The Watkins Firm provides commercial lease services which extend past the review of a commercial lease or a mere presence at the negotiating table.  We attend to every detail contained within the lease and the adaptation of the space to suit the needs of your company and its employees.  Our experienced business contract attorneys work to negotiate flexibility and terms which position your company to survive unexpected financial challenges while leveraging business opportunities.

Commercial Lease Legal Services for San Diego

The experienced real estate and commercial lease attorneys at the Watkins Firm are a strong partner throughout the process.  We help to:

  • Negotiate terms and agreements with landlords, property owners and developers
  • Draft and review commercial lease agreements
  • Ensure fulfillment of services, maintenance, repair and other elements promised by the landlord within the commercial lease
  • Provide dispute resolution and litigation regarding commercial leases
  • Renegotiate terms or negotiate early-out settlements and termination of a commercial lease

Contact the Experienced San Diego Commercial Lease and Real Estate Attorneys at the Watkins Firm

Commercial leases are as negotiable as any other business contract or agreement.  The challenge of a commercial lease lies in all of the small details contained within the lengthy and often tiny print which is difficult for most business professionals to understand, let alone read.

Most commercial leases are crafted from the landlord’s perspective and many are simply sloppy boilerplates which leave far too much room for disputes to evolve down the road.  We manage every detail, from design-build to ensuring that ADA compliance and all other building and real estate issues remain with the landlord.  Avoid surprises and discover the strength which comes from a well negotiated commercial lease.

We invite you to review the recommendations of our clients and contact the experienced real estate and commercial lease attorneys at the Watkins Firm or call 858-535-1511 for a free consultation.