Providing Sound Counsel to Corporate Entities and Corporate Boards

Corporate governance and compliance is a crucial element in the operational success of any San Diego corporation or LLC.  The managing shareholders of the corporation, and/or the corporate board are responsible for governing the management and operations of the company itself, as well as interfacing with external agencies, entities and individuals.  The Watkins Firm provides the benefit of decades of experience supporting San Diego area corporations, and regularly advises our clients on issues such as:

  • Establishing, implementing and monitoring procedures and policies regarding corporate meetings, annual meetings, and board meetings
  • Composition of corporate board, director recruiting, turnover and compensation
  • National, state and local laws and ordinances and how they apply to corporate objectives and operations
  • Preparation, updates and maintenance of all corporate documents and agreements (by-laws, operating agreement, shareholders agreement, policies and procedures, etc.)
  • Advice on legal issues regarding internal shareholder disputes or board member conflicts
  • External disputes and contingent liabilities associated with employment, contract issues or litigation

Our work protects the corporate veil, and ensures that the company is provided with the best legal and business advice to ensure smooth ongoing operations, and that the company is positioned to identify, explore and take advantage of opportunities for development or growth.

Compliance with Federal, State and Local Laws and Regulations

Corporate compliance is an integral component and foundational aspect of corporate governance.  The company must have strategies to prevent employees, shareholders, officers and directors from violating the law.  The company must identify the officer(s) who will be responsible for ensuring compliance and have a responsibility to ensure that the person who is entrusted is themselves of proven character and not prone to violate criminal law.

The corporation must remain in compliance with the ever-changing environment of governmental regulation, operational health and safety issues, employment notices and changes in wage and hour laws, as well as various standards such as Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPPA, informational privacy rules and laws, and security regulations. Compliance also relates to the corporations adherence to its own policies and procedures including employment policies and codes of conduct.

Our attorneys help to ensure that corporate compliance policies and procedures are established, documented and communicated throughout the organization.  We help your company to establish systems to monitor behaviors and to ensure compliance and “good corporate citizenship”.  We provide guidance and assistance with the development, implementation and monitoring of disciplinary procedures for those who violate corporate compliance standards.

Protect Your Corporation and Contact Experienced San Diego Corporate Governance and Compliance Attorneys

Corporate governance and compliance is an ongoing mission for all San Diego corporate entities.  The Watkins Firm has advised corporate entities across almost all areas of business, healthcare and real estate for decades.  We bring the experience and foresight necessary to establish sound procedures, and to avoid the pitfalls and decisions that have exposed other corporations to risk or ruin.  We invite you to contact us or call 858-535-1511 for a free and thorough initial consultation .  We will discuss the unique structure of your corporation, the federal, state and local laws and ordinances that govern your industry and the strategies to ensure that your company is in full compliance, and is successfully positioned to succeed, grow and prosper.