San Diego Employer Defense Employment Attorneys

When labor disputes involve senior management, executives or even co-owners in an LLC or shareholders in the corporation the experienced and seasoned labor attorneys at the Watkins Firm contribute decades of expertise to successfully resolve the matter, and help the company to move forward.  We often represent employers in high-level employment disputes, severance agreement negotiation, and change-in-control arrangements.  We work to protect our client’s trade secrets and negotiate settlements that address non-solicitation, confidentiality agreements and non-compete provisions or other restrictive covenants to protect the competitive viability of our clients.

The litigation attorneys at the Watkins Firm have extensive experience in derivative lawsuits, breach of the duty of loyalty, unlawful competition, misappropriation of trade secrets and other employment related contract disputes or torts.

We have served the San Diego business community for decades, and understand the sensitive issues that surround these disputes such as relationships with investors and other senior management, disclosure obligations and the impact of litigation on our client’s “brand” and issues of goodwill.  We work to ensure our executive severance agreements prevent future litigation exposure for our clients, while providing the best opportunity to resolve the dispute and move forward.

Negotiating Executive Severance Agreements

An executive severance agreement is simply a contract between an employer and a former executive or senior employee that establishes the terms and conditions under which the former executive or senior officer will leave the company.  There are several key ingredients to the successful negotiation of an executive severance agreement.  In addition to the complex issues discussed above, consideration must be given to other practical matters including:

  • Will Severance Be Paid in a Lump Sum, or Payments Over Time?
  • Continuation or Discontinuation of Employer Provided Benefits and Health Insurance
  • Contributions to a Retirement Account or Stock Option Agreements
  • Resolution of Vesting in Equity or Performance Bonus
  • Position of Large Shareholders or Members of an Ongoing Investment Fund
  • Impact of Termination Date Upon New Employment Search and COBRA Expense

Protect Your Company and the Reputation of Your Brand During an Executive Severance

The Watkins Firm has decades of experience and expertise in these matters.  We can represent your interests and protect you from future liabilities and disparagement down the road.  In some cases, the executive or senior employee was part of the formation of the company, or provided key intellectual property or investment.  There are sensitive issues to be resolved, and in many cases ongoing relationships to be preserved.

If you are considering the end of an employment relationship with an executive or senior employee contact us, or call for a comprehensive and complimentary consultation at 858-535-1511.  We will discuss your unique situation, and your goals and objectives for the transition.  We will negotiate the agreement(s) necessary to facilitate a smooth transition and to protect your business interests.

There may be future plans involving a merger or acquisition, or simply a complex web of details to sift through and memorialize in an appropriate context.  You can entrust this matter to the attorneys of the Watkins Firm.