San Diego Insurance Bad Faith Lawyers

What should you do when an insurance company tells you the policy doesn’t cover a claim that you believe was clearly provided for in your insurance policy?  The experienced insurance bad faith attorneys at the Watkins Firm provide insurance coverage analysis to review the specific terms and coverages provided by the policy.  We will review the facts surrounding the claim submitted by the policy holder, and any justification provided for the insurance company in their denial letter.

Insurance companies make mistakes.  If we believe a valid claim exists we will represent you against the insurance company and work to hold them accountable for the benefits promised in your policy.  We will also protect you against actions of “bad faith” and other intimidation related to your claim.  One available action is to take the insurance company to court and ask a judge to order them to fulfill their obligations to you as an insured policy holder.  In these cases we may not be required to completely prove that the insurance company violated the policy coverage, but that a genuine likelihood or potential of coverage responsibility exists.  We may also file a breach of contract lawsuit against your insurer.

What is a Reservation of Rights?

You may receive a “Reservation of Rights” letter from your insurance carrier.  This means they will defend you according to the terms of the policy coverage, but are actually retaining the right to deny coverage later or refuse to cover part or all of the liability arising from your claim.  In this letter, the insurance company must explain why they believe the specific facts in your case may affect part or all of your insurance coverage.

If you receive a Reservation of Rights letter, you may be personally at risk for financial recovery for the losses you expected your insurance company to cover when you agreed to a policy and paid associated premiums.  It may be necessary for the Watkins Firm to file a lawsuit against the insurance company to ensure that it upholds the coverage promised in your coverage.

You may also be entitled to ask the Watkins Firm to act as your “Cumis Counsel.”  California law recognizes the inherent conflict for the lawyers representing the insurance company – do they represent the “policy” or you, personally.  California law provides protection for policy holders in many situations like this that forces your insurance company to pay for an “independent attorney” to represent you personally, and ensure that any settlement in your case reflects your best interests as well as the interests of the policy itself.

What Types of Insurance Policies Will the Watkins Firm Review on Behalf of a Policy Holder?

The insurance coverage analysis attorneys at the Watkins Firm will defend policy holders of many forms of insurance, including but not limited to:

  • Business Insurance / Commercial Insurance
  • Automobile and Motor Vehicle Coverage
  • Fire Insurance
  • Homeowner’s Insurance
  • Renter’s Insurance
  • Blanket Liability Policies

If you have been denied coverage under a valid insurance policy for which you have paid the premiums or have questions about coverages provided by an insurance policy we can help.

Contact San Diego Insurance Coverage and Bad Faith Attorneys

Do you have questions about insurance coverage analysis or whether or not a claim is covered by an insurance policy?  Have you received a “Reservation of Rights” letter from your insurance carrier?  Do you believe your insurance company has denied a valid claim against their policy or is acting in bad faith?  We invite you to contact the Watkins Firm or call for a free consultation at 858-535-1511.  Learn about your rights under California insurance laws and how we can protect you against the decisions or actions of an insurance company.  You may also wish to review our Insurance Bad Faith FAQs.