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Disputes with contractors and sub-contractors often arise on job sites between project owners and the General Contractor, or between the general and one of the sub-contractors employed at the site. This is the nature of construction projects, and the key to these disputes is to quickly and effectively resolve them in order to preserve a productive working environment, and the momentum of the job in progress. Profit margins in construction are tighter than ever due to heavy competition and the nature of the business in general. A dispute on a job site can not only affect the quality of the project, it can quickly dissolve the profitability of work at hand.

The experienced construction attorneys at the Watkins Firm clearly understand the nature of job sites, and the relationships between contractors, as well as the nature of agreements between project owners and homeowners and the contractors at work on the site. We understand that the goal isn’t to tie things up in a large legal battle, but to resolve differences that have arisen so that the project can quickly move forward toward a timely and successful outcome.

Negotiation is Usually the Most Effective Strategy for Resolving Disputes with a Contractor

Effective negotiation is usually the fastest and least expensive option for resolving construction related disputes between project owners and contractors. The key to effective negotiations is constructive leverage. The Watkins Firm can quickly act on your behalf to establish the seriousness of the issue at hand, and your commitment to resolving it in a positive manner. Our experienced construction attorneys quickly assess potential damages, and take a firm yet productive stand to clearly establish your concerns and the action we expect the contractor(s) to take.

The presence of our legal team lets the contractor know that you mean business, and keeps things moving forward toward resolution. In most cases, the contractor wants to be paid and forthcoming draws or payments provide additional leverage and strength to the negotiation. If the dispute is not resolved in negotiation, our team can represent you through mediation, arbitration and when necessary through litigation before a Judge or a Court of Law. We take every action possible to minimize these risks, and to foster a productive and cooperative working environment while clearly defining the actions necessary to resolve the dispute.

Resolving Disputes Between Contractors on a Job Site

Many cases involve disputes with contractors and sub-contractors, or disagreements between sub-contractors working on the same project. Our General Contractor clients are often concerned about the underlying relationships as well as the profitability and quality of work on the project at hand. These are sub-contractors with whom they have a long relationship, and they generally respect the quality of their work and their ability to contribute to the projects managed by the General Contractor. In these situations, it can be as important to preserve the working relationship between the parties while resolving the dispute quickly and effectively.

Accidents do happen on a job site, and the behavior or negligence of one sub-contractor can affect the work and profitability of another contractor. If you become involved in a dispute on a job site it is important to work with a legal team who not only understands the construction industry, but has experience and a proven track record in successfully resolving construction disputes through negotiation, mediation, arbitration or when necessary, litigation.

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If you are involved in a construction dispute, or have an issue with a general contractor or sub-contractor we invite you to contact us or call for a free and substantive consultation at 858-535-1511. We understand that it is important to resolve the dispute quickly, efficiently and economically. We value the relationships that exist on many job sites, and the importance of maintaining momentum and a positive working atmosphere. You can entrust your construction or contractor dispute to the Watkins Firm knowing that we have decades of experience in resolving project and contract related issues, while working to see bring the project to a successful completion.