Are you looking for experienced business attorneys who provide sound advice and general counsel for San Diego employers?  The Watkins Firm has served Southern California and the San Diego business community for decades.  Draw upon our experience and sound counsel to protect and grow your company or business.

Experienced General Counsel for Employers

The experienced employer defense, wage and hour and PAGA defense attorneys at the Watkins Firm serve as general business counsel for San Diego employers and California corporate clients.  Recent years have brought substantial change with respect to federal, state and local laws and regulations that govern employers throughout San Diego and the region of Southern California.

It is important to stay abreast of these changes, and to improve your own compliance with an ever-changing workplace environment.  Watkins Firm attorneys work with you to review all existing documents, practices and procedures to identify potential gaps and develop strategies to reduce or eliminate future risk and financial exposure.

California Labor Law Compliance for Employers

California has a somewhat dubious reputation among local, regional and national employers.  Our laws are unique and complex and many business owners and employers feel our Courts favor the employee perspective.

California’s Fair Pay Act has increased payroll and employment challenges for many employers based upon the shift worked by an employee, or the city or office location where they work.  San Diego employers are no longer able to pay employees differently for shift work, and those with offices across the state must take a hard look at equal pay for performing “essentially the same work” according to the new law.

Recent changes in employment law and the misclassification of independent contractors has resulted in a new level of “status audits” by the EDD and exposure to heavy financial penalties, as well as back pay, payroll taxes, benefits and interest.

You may have strict wage and hour policies and procedures, but if they are not consistently monitored, documented and enforced an employer is quickly exposed to substantial legal and financial risk.

Compliance with Federal Labor Statutes

Federal programs and employment laws provide further complication.  Discrimination, sexual harassment, employer retaliation and wrongful termination accusations are commonplace in today’s business and employment environment.  ADA litigation and FMLA disputes are also rapidly increasing, and California courts tend to side with employees in these matters.  How can a business compete?

General Business Counsel Lawyers for Employers

The experienced general business counsel attorneys at the Watkins Firm provide sound advice to all of our business clients to help them to remain current with all federal, state and local laws and regulations as well as wage and hour laws and to excel in today’s fast-paced employment environment.

Professional and Olympic athletes must have a coach to help them to sharpen their game, and to push them through plateaus in performance.  It is the same with business owners and employers.  The general counsel services provided by the Watkins Firm keep our business clients at the top of their games and positioned for continued growth and success.

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