San Diego Lender Opinion Letter Attorney

What is a San Diego real estate local counsel and how can the Watkins Firm assist local, regional and national commercial real estate developers and finance companies with local issues in development projects?

California laws governing the purchase or sale of commercial real estate, development, construction, hidden defects, failure to disclose as well as the financing and regulation of real estate in California are a complex web of provisions, statutes and regulations. Complex real estate transactions involving parties outside of the San Diego area can be an extremely challenging and costly experience.  How do you bridge the gap between the parties and add credibility and value to the transaction?

It is important to have an experienced San Diego real estate local counsel to review commercial real estate loan documents for the borrower.  The lender in these transactions is represented by a strong legal team, and you as the borrower should be as well.  The experienced commercial real estate attorneys at the Watkins Firm will review all aspects of a commercial real estate transaction and its documents, and will provide a “Lender Opinion Letter”.

The lender opinion letter provides information about our client to the non-client lender or their associated counsel.  The Watkins Firm is prepared to serve the commercial needs of any client throughout Southern California.

In our due diligence, we will review all title work, appraisals, as well as all negotiated and boilerplate loan documentation. We will evaluate the specific legal issues identified in the opinion request, and work to make sure that all concerns or exceptions are quickly resolved. Once a final form for the lender opinion letter is agreed upon we will complete the background analysis and information gathering and generate the final opinion.

The San Diego real estate lawyers at the Watkins Firm provide legal opinions as local counsel not only when the principal purpose of the transaction is to finance the acquisition or development of local San Diego real estate, but also in a wide variety of other financing transactions. These other business transactions may not be real estate-focused but will usually have a real estate collateral component.

Experienced San Diego Commercial Real Estate Local Counsel Lawyers

The Watkins Firm provides a comprehensive local counsel service offering to out-of-state firms, lenders and commercial real estate clients interested in transactions within Southern California.  The firm contributes decades of experience in commercial real estate acquisition, development and financing throughout the State of California.

We represent developers and affiliates, commercial tenants, landlords and various other clients.

Because our practice areas are narrowly focused and we have decades of experience, we have the knowledge and understanding to know when to expect challenges and how to handle them.  If challenges or disputes arise, we are able to manage all aspects of associated real estate and commercial litigation.

We invite you to review the comments and recommendations of our clients and contact the Watkins Firm or call 858-535-1511 for a free consultation.  Learn how the experienced San Diego real estate local counsel at the Watkins Firm can make a difference in your commercial real estate transaction or development.