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Today’s global economy projects different challenges on to San Diego supply and distribution companies.  Many types of businesses, from high tech engineering to manufacturing to local breweries, require contracts to manage the channels of supply and distribution.  Relationships with vendors require contracts that ensure a smooth and stable supply of needed goods and materials, often in a “just in time” environment.  Companies that integrate materials and components from other sources outside of the US may face challenges of compliance with state and federal laws.  Those who are forming partnerships in Mexico, Asia and even China face complex legal issues as well, and agreements with offshore suppliers must be carefully constructed.  Do you utilize purchase orders?  What happens when suppliers fail to meet economic, quality or timeliness benchmarks?  Are there HIPPA ramifications on supply related purchasing contracts for our medical practice clients?

Distribution contracts can take many forms.  Are relationships exclusive, or territory based?  Are there issues of licensing or franchising?  Is your business working with manufacturer’s representatives or outside sales agencies?  Are you distributing your products through a single source or fulfillment companies?  Are there multiple potential contract variables based upon volume and pricing discounts?  Do you offer products or services in multiple states, and how do you comply with differing regulations in each state?  How do you transport your products to market?

A Single Source for Supply Chain or Distribution Contracts

The experienced business attorneys at the Watkins Firm can advise you on each step in the business cycle from supply management, to production and ultimately through to distribution.  We understand the unique challenges of meeting production and distribution schedules in a profitable manner, while complying with state and local regulatory issues.  We will help you to develop contracts that protect your corporate interests while capturing the spirit of your agreements with critical vendors and distributors.

Our supply and distribution contract services include creation, negotiation and modification of:

  • Supply agreements
  • Distribution Contracts
  • Manufacturing Licensing Agreements
  • Retailer Agreements
  • Warranties and Indemnification Contracts
  • Non-Compete and Non-Disclosure Agreements
  • Trade Secret Contracts

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