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Healthcare and Medical Business Litigation and Dispute Resolution AttorneysAre you searching for experienced healthcare and medical business litigation and dispute resolution attorneys?

If you are initiating or defending against litigation, you should be looking not only for a law firm with deep experience and a proven track record in litigation and trial success, but a legal partner who understands that the best solution is often our unique legal strategy which brings a successful outcome in a cost-effective manner and in the shortest possible time frame.

We work with our medical and healthcare clients to establish specific goals and objectives for the dispute, as well as a game plan that will lead to dispute resolution.  We work to diligently establish and document all potential damages, and communicate with the other party in a strong and influential manner.

When they receive our correspondence, they (and their attorneys) know we mean business and this is often enough to move things forward.

Four Strategies for Resolving a Medical Business or Healthcare Related Dispute

Healthcare and Medical Business Litigation and Dispute Resolution AttorneysThe proven business litigation attorneys at the Watkins Firm have decades of experience resolving healthcare-related disputes throughout the San Diego region.

Based upon this deep and broad experience we can tell you most medical business and healthcare related disputes are resolved through effective, leveraged negotiation. Leverage is a key ingredient that moves an unwilling or non-responsive party into action.  Leverage is harder for one side to apply to another than it is for attorneys with a strong and powerful reputation.

The power of damages, cost, time, our determination to protect your interests and our track record of success provide the leverage we need to achieve our clients goals in the fastest and most efficient manner possible.

Mediation. The next step in dispute resolution often includes mediation. California Courts require mediation and a settlement conference prior to entering the litigation phase of a trial. A successful mediation can help to bring the dispute to a successful conclusion while keeping a control on costs and contingent liabilities.

Arbitration is often required by healthcare and medical business contracts. Arbitration is a structured legal environment, but the rules of evidence are different than in California courts.  The independent arbitrator hears evidence and testimony by both sides. After a period of time to reflect on all the information gathered, the arbitrator issues an “award” or decision based upon what is fair and just in the context of their experience with like matters. The finding of the arbitrator is not appealable unless there has been fraud or corruption on the part of the arbitrator.

The fourth and final option to resolve your business or legal dispute is to pursue litigation in a Court of Law. We prepare each and every case as though it will go through a trial. This preparation helps us to be more successful at each step along the way, and ensures that the case continues to move forward while we attempt

A Thoughtful Approach to Medical Business Litigation Success

A successful approach to healthcare and medical business litigation and dispute resolution depends on keeping all of the above in mind at every stage of every case. As you move through each step, from negotiation through litigation, there will be benefits and offsets to consider:

  • Healthcare and Medical Business Litigation and Dispute Resolution AttorneysTime; In some cases it is best to simply settle things and move forward, while in others the principle involved or the value of the dispute offsets any issue of “time.”  We work to conclude our cases quickly while achieving the best possible outcome for our clients.
  • Control; Our ability to manage and directly control or influence the outcome lessens in some ways at each stage. However, the facts of the case may require us to seek a venue that has much more stringent guidelines (arbitration) or laws, precedents and rules of evidence (litigation) that provide a different form of “control,” and ensure that we will achieve a more substantial and thorough victory.
  • Cost; The cost of resolving a dispute is directly associated with the time required and the level of control. The greater the power of the venue (arbitration or Court), the greater the amount of time we must invest to ensure that our briefs, evidence and filings are comprehensive and compelling.  Cost containment is a primary focus of any dispute resolution strategy.

The Watkins Firm believes that these decisions rest with you, the client.  Our responsibility is to provide sound advice, insight, perspective, and counsel to our clients based upon extensive experience and a proven track record of success.

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If you are forming a new medical practice or healthcare entity, ophthalmology group or center, or joint venture the experienced business formation attorneys at the Watkins Firm can help you select the appropriate entity and inform you of the advantages of the California Professional Corporation. If you are already an operational entity you may need to learn about staffing and employer defense, physician and medical professional contracts, governance and regulatory compliance or the development of a compliance plan. Our experienced healthcare law attorneys also resolve healthcare related disputes and lawsuits in a timely and cost effective manner and represent clients in arbitration or mediation.

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