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The experienced, proven California physician license defense attorneys at the Watkins Firm have provided legal services and counsel to San Diego’s medical and healthcare businesses for decades.  We represent physicians, surgeons and doctors in all matters before the California Medical Board.

This includes, but is not limited to:

Our experienced attorneys understand the real challenges and issues medical professionals face every day.  You may be surprised to learn the challenges you face are more common than you realize, but your unique circumstances and how we work together to respond to this challenge will make all the difference in achieving a positive outcome.

Many of our clients have a rider on their malpractice policy which provides some coverage for our fees in these matters.

San Diego Physician License Defense LawyersSome of our clients are dealing with mental health or substance abuse issues which may or may not be impacting their professional or personal lives. Still other clients have been falsely accused of wrongdoing, and they need help setting the record straight. In other cases, the facts may be distorted or a situation may have simply gotten out of hand.

Whatever the reason, we are committed to advising and guiding you through the process of a California physician license defense to make every effort to resolve the situation in a positive manner while protecting you and your livelihood.

We understand the fears that our doctors and physician clients experience when faced with an interaction with the California Medical Board.  We have helped many physicians, nurses and medical professionals and will work to aggressively represent your interests throughout the professional license acquisition or defense process.

Obtaining a License or Issues with an Application or Adverse History Disclosures

California and San Diego Physician License Defense LawyersAre you having challenges obtaining a license from the California Medical Board?  Are you concerned about adverse historical information or disclosures which might complicate your application?  The California Medical Board licensing process for doctors, physicians and surgeons is known to be one of the most challenging and thorough in the nation.

The California Medical Board application contains mor than 40 background related questions as well as substantial investigation of challenges, issues and “unusual circumstances” associated with your time in medical school as well as postgraduate education.  Matching forms are sent to your former schools and training facilities.  The comparison is likely to expose adverse history or events which may complicate the application process.

If you have faced any disciplinary actions or reports of improper conduct, concerns regarding your mental health or competency, issues of addiction or dependency any criminal convictions including a DUI obtaining a license will be challenging to say the least.  The experienced professional licensing defense attorneys at the Watkins Firm can help.

Defending a Physician or Doctor from a Wide Range of Medical Board Accusations

Inquiries, investigations and accusations from the California Medical Board may involve a simple matter, a series of mistakes of a substantial dispute which could threaten your ability to practice medicine in California.

While there are too many to list, the California physician license defense lawyers at the Watkins Firm defend doctors and physicians in many situations including but not limited to:

  • San Diego Doctors License Defense LawyersA DUI or criminal charges
  • Allegations of sexual misconduct
  • Mental illness
  • Drug abuse or alcohol dependency or addition (even if it hasn’t impacted your work)
  • Prescription errors and alleged prescription misconduct
  • Failure to properly supervise nursing staff or other medical professionals
  • Charting errors, ERM or records related issues
  • Patient relationships or improper patient interaction
  • Errors or mistakes which result in injury or the loss of a patient’s life
  • Stark Law violations, allegations of kickbacks or fraudulent billing
  • Unlicensed practice of medicine
  • Disciplinary actions by another state board or licensing agency


Physician Licensure Defense Process

If you have received an accusation from the California Medical Board it is important to understand you only have 15 days from the date the accusation was sent to file the “Notice of Defense.”

Disciplinary actions are managed by the Healthcare Quality Enforcement Division (HQE) of the licensing division of the California Attorney General’s Office.  Your case may proceed to an administrative hearing before the administrative law Judges of the “Medical Quality Hearing Panel.”

California and San Diego Physicians Professional License Defense LawThe experienced and proven California physician license defense attorneys at the Watkins Firm have decades of proven success in administrative hearings and at trial.  Our team is prepared to provide skilled representation in all venues with the single goal of achieving the best possible outcome in your case.

Preparing the defense of your medical license as a physician, doctor or surgeon can be quite complex. Medical records may need to be reviewed, expert or fact witnesses located and interviewed, and a myriad of documents investigated for possible use as evidence.

The Watkins Firm often works to develop a “mitigation proposal” or a packet of information to submit to the investigative agency.  It is often possible to resolve matters before they reach a formal hearing or administrative process.

We represent you throughout the process including hearings, administrative court proceedings, appeals and, if necessary, reinstatement.

Additional Medical and Healthcare Content You Might Find Helpful

If you are forming a new medical practice or healthcare entity, ophthalmology group or center, or joint venture the experienced business formation attorneys at the Watkins Firm can help you select the appropriate entity and inform you of the advantages of the California Professional Corporation. If you are already an operational entity you may need to learn about staffing and employer defense, physician and medical professional contracts, governance and regulatory compliance or the development of a compliance plan. We also resolve healthcare related disputes and lawsuits in a timely and cost effective manner and represent clients in arbitration or mediation.

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