Are you searching for an experienced San Diego stock purchase agreement lawyer?  A stock purchase is much more legally and financially complex than a simple asset purchase.  When should you use a stock purchase agreement for your corporation?

A stock purchase agreement is simply a business contract that transacts a portion or all of it’s to another company or an individual.  In some cases this may simply be a new investor who is taking a financial position in the corporation.  The stock purchase agreement should specify the percentage of the company or shares of stock involved in the transaction, the financial and voting rights of the purchaser(s) as well as their rights as a shareholder.  If the purchaser will be taking an executive or management position in the corporation, there is often a performance expectation. If the stock purchase authorizes a seat on the corporation’s Board of Directors it should specify details such as voting proxies, contingencies based upon outcomes or the circumstances which might justify removal from the Board.

When you work with an experienced San Diego stock purchase agreement lawyer at the Watkins Firm we carefully tailor an agreement which captures the intent of the parties, or we review contracts provided by the corporation itself.  We advise our clients on the potential for liabilities which might arise from the transaction and work to protect their interests in the deal whenever possible.  These transactions are often negotiations, and our attorneys are very attuned to the nature of the “deal.”  While we work to protect our client’s interests and ensure the final document has clearly and thoroughly addressed the agreement of the parties and then ensure it is properly executed.

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