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Experienced Corporate Attorneys in San Diego - General Counsel

Are you searching for experienced corporate attorneys in San Diego and Southern California?  Any corporation should have an experienced corporate lawyer they can pick up the phone and call with any question or challenge.  It’s a business basic.  Sound advice and counsel based upon extensive, proven experience.

The Watkins Firm has served the business and medical corporate communities for more than 40 years.  How can we help to protect and grow your corporation?

Protect Your Corporate Veil

Why do you have a corporate entity in the first place?  The genuine answer is to separate and protect the personal assets of the owners of the company (members, shareholders) from the debts and contingent liabilities of the corporation. This important protection is known as the “corporate veil.”

Our San Diego corporate lawyers help to protect your corporate veil and ensure that your company is well governed and remains in compliance with all federal, state and local laws and regulatory requirements.  The proven and experienced corporate attorneys in San Diego at the Watkins Firm help your corporation to develop, implement and monitor the policies and procedures which ensure your company implements and remains compliant with an ever-changing environment of California laws and regulatory controls.

We help you to identify, select and monitor the performance of board members, set corporate agendas and ensure all required meetings and associated documentation is completed annually.

Our San Diego corporate attorneys develop, implement and monitor effective corporate policies and practices to prevent shareholders or members from taking irresponsible actions, commingling company funds or assets or representing the business in a way that exposes the company to potential legal liabilities.

We maintain corporate documents and bylaws and help to keep them up to date with the latest changes.  It is important that your company establishes and consistently employs the strategies which prevent fraud, enhance ethics and ensure good “corporate citizenship.”  We protect shareholders when questionable decisions are taken by the Board of Directors or corporate executives through dispute negotiations, mediation, arbitration, and if necessary, the filing of derivative lawsuits.

The corporate veil separates the personal interests and finances of corporate officers and shareholders from the company’s debts and any contingent liabilities which might arise.  Sound corporate stewardship requires consistent action to protect the corporate veil at all times.

Experienced Corporate Attorneys in San Diego and Southern California

The Watkins Firm provides experienced corporate attorneys in San Diego and Southern California. Draw on our more than 40 years of experience to help to protect the corporate veil and make sound corporate decisions.  Ensure that your California corporation remains compliant with all laws and regulatory requirements, and that corporate documents are well maintained.

Any successful corporation will face challenges and opportunities throughout the life of the company.  You need an experienced general counsel who can guide you through important events including, but not limited to mergers and acquisitions, the protections of intellectual property and trade secrets, shareholder disputes, business to business disputes and lawsuits, employer defense including PAGA defense and all supporting documents, contracts and legal services and advice.

We invite you to review our Podcast Episode 10 – The Importance of a Strong Corporate Attorney as well as the strong recommendations of our clients and contact the corporate attorneys at the Watkins Firm or call 858-535-1511 for a free consultation.

The Watkins Firm will partner with your management team and work to protect the corporate veil and keep your company growing and prosperous.