In Sound Business Insights Episode 11 – Resolving Business Disputes Dan and Neil discuss the four primary strategies for resolving a potential dispute or lawsuit:

Negotiation, Mediation, Arbitration and Litigation.

There are many ways to resolve a business dispute.  Learn about the unique strategy the Watkins Firm employs to resolve business disputes quickly and in a cost-effective manner. Dan discusses the art of resolving a dispute and how we work with our clients to help them to accomplish their goals in each situation while resolving the situation quickly and efficiently.  What are Judges taught about “The Dance” during their preparation and training for the bench, and what is required before many business lawsuits can be resolved.  You’ll hear several interesting stories and gain the insights of a proven breach of contract and business dispute resolution attorney with more than 3 decades of experience.

Breach of contract and shareholder disputes are two of the most common issues a company or business professional will face.  In Episode 11 – Resolving Business Disputes Dan discusses the elements of a breach of contract as well as the contracts which govern most business transactions and relationships.  How are power, leverage and exposure to risk associated with the underlying contract?  What should you do if you expect a business partner or an officer of the corporation of stealing?  Do we need to gain additional evidence or put a stop to something which is going on?

Episode 11 – Resolving Business Disputes also addresses the root of most business lawsuits and disagreements: money.  Are you an investor or shareholder?  Do you think the majority interest is taking too much of the profits, holding back on distributions or trying to cut you out of the deal altogether?  “It happens every day,” says Dan Watkins.  But the key to resolving any business dispute is timely action and a proven strategy.

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