What Does a San Diego Corporate Attorney Do?

What does a San Diego corporate attorney do for a corporation or business?

What does a San Diego corporate attorney do for your corporation or business?  How can the 40+ years of experience of the corporate lawyers at the Watkins Firm support and benefit your company?

What Does a San Diego Corporate Attorney Do for Your Business or Corporate Entity?

What does a San Diego corporate attorney do for your business or corporate entity?  Why is it important to have an experienced business attorney as one of the 3 key advisors to your business? 

You may be in the process of forming a new corporation or your corporate entity may be decades old.  You may be in the midst of a merger or acquisition or facing substantial business litigation.  Your corporate attorney should be one of your closest and most trusted advisors.  The relationship should be close enough that you can pick up the phone and call with a quick question and know you’re not going to receive a bill.

Your corporate attorney is like a business coach, often called a “general counsel,” who provides sound advice and counsel at every step of your company’s business journey.  California is one of the most challenging and complex business and legal environments in which to conduct business.  This is especially true for California employers.  You need a legal partner who will keep you up-to-date on California’s ever-changing legal environment.

Just this year there were dozens of substantial changes in Federal, California and local laws, regulations and ordinance.  It took us two podcasts to cover them all.  You can listen to our podcast Episode 41 – Employment Law Updates for 2024 Part 1 and Episode 42 – Employment Law Updates for 2024 Part 2 or review the associated infographic and outline.  Does your corporate or business attorney provide you with that type of free, substantial and timely information?

Entity Selection is an important legal process you will face throughout your business and/or corporate career.  It is not uncommon for existing businesses to form new corporate entities as they enter new markets, break off subsidiaries, conduct cross-border or international business or add layers of protection to their assets and financial holdings.  Medical practices and healthcare businesses have a separate corporate entity option known as a California Professional Corporation or PC as well as a Management Services Organization or MSO.  The MSO is often a perfect compliment to a medical or healthcare practice or business as it separates the non-medical business aspects from the provision of healthcare.  This allows the infusion of external investment capital and the potential for substantial savings as experienced and effective business managers handle everything from technology to facilities so that medical professionals can focus on delivering exceptional treatment and patient experience.

All California corporate entities have the responsibility to conduct corporate governance and compliance each year.  This is especially true for our medical practice and healthcare business clients.  We help to make sure corporate documents such as the LLC operating agreement and/or the Shareholders’ agreement are well crafted and uniquely tailored to your needs during business formation.  We update these crucial corporate documents regularly as part of our governance and compliance work.

Finally, if you are in business you will face disputes and lawsuits.  It’s not a matter of “if,” it’s a matter of “when.”  Ask about the Watkins Firm’s unique approach to business disputes and lawsuits.  What does a San Diego corporate attorney do when your company becomes involved in a business dispute?  Your Watkins Firm corporate attorney will develop a strong chronology backed by thorough documentation as well as a mastery of the associated potential damages.  This provides the leverage to gain the attention of opposing parties and their counsel and engage them in negotiations.

It may surprise you to learn that the San Diego corporate law attorneys and business dispute lawyers at the Watkins Firm are able to resolve the vast majority of their business disputes and lawsuits through effective, leveraged negotiation.  This is the fastest and most cost-effective strategy to resolve any corporate or business dispute or lawsuit.

We represent our clients in business mediation and arbitration.  Our 40+ years of successful, proven trial record adds substantial strength to your side of the equation. 

Are you searching for an effective, proven San Diego corporate attorney or law firm that you can trust to provide sound advice, counsel and legal services for you and your organization? We invite you to review our podcast episode 10 – The Importance of a Strong Corporate Attorney as well as the strong recommendations of our clients and contact the Watkins Firm or call 858-535-1511 for a complimentary consultation today.