Are you searching for a proven partnership dispute attorney in San Diego or Southern California?  Are you concerned about the actions of a partner?  Is there a contentious disagreement which could erupt into a full out partnership dispute?  Are you concerned about a business partner filing a lawsuit?

Resolving Partnership Disputes

The Watkins Firm has decades of proven experience resolving partnership disputes and lawsuits between LLC members, investors and shareholders in a cost-effective and timely manner.  We employ a unique strategy which is designed to do exactly that: resolve your dispute quickly and at a reasonable cost.  Most partnership disputes and lawsuits are resolved through leveraged negotiation.  The Watkins Firm attorneys will quickly master the facts of the dispute at hand as well as your own goals and objectives for the matter.  We work to productively engage opposing parties and their counsel and work to establish common ground.  Our seasoned attorneys are usually able to negotiate a successful resolution and provide all of the documentation necessary to conclude the dispute and move forward.

A Proven Partnership Dispute Attorney in San Diego for Mediation or Arbitration

When there are issues of principle or genuine disagreement which cannot be resolved through negotiation, most partnership agreements specify the options of mediation or arbitration.  You will need a proven partnership dispute attorney for either of these legal venues.  Mediation provides a private and confidential venue where the parties are guided by a neutral third party who works to help to resolve the matters at hand.  Mediation is much less of a formal legal process and allows for more creativity and flexibility, both in the process itself as well as the resolution.

Arbitration is a much more structured legal environment where the parties are able to exert less influence over the process and the ultimate decision itself.  A neutral third party gathers evidence, hears testimony and ultimately renders a decision in the matter.  The advantage of arbitration is the dispute will absolutely be resolved in a relatively short period of time.  The disadvantage or arbitration is you have a lot less influence and control and the decision of the arbiter is final in almost every instance.  You cannot appeal the arbiter’s decision unless you can prove collusion or fraud on the part of the arbiter.

Protect Your Interests and Your Money

A proven partnership dispute attorney in San Diego at the Watkins Firm will work with our clients to resolve the matter quickly and in a cost-efficient manner.  When negotiation, mediation and/or arbitration is not successful or the right strategy we are always prepared for trial.  If the matter must proceed to Court our attorneys have a proven track record of success at trial over four decades.  The Watkins Firm can and will represent you and protect your money and interests at every necessary step of the process.

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