The Watkins Firm provides class action defense for San Diego and Southern California organic mislabeling cases and associated disputes.  Federal laws and California state laws appear to be quite specific when it comes to the definition of “organic.”  However, there are many steps required for growers and producers of agricultural, meat and dairy products to qualify for an organic labeling.  Generally speaking, the California statute states: “The term “organic” means the food was produced using sustainable practices and without synthetic fertilizers, sewage sludge, irradiation, or genetic engineering.”

A recent ruling by the California Supreme Court has made it easier for consumers to file a lawsuit or participate in a class action when they believe a food or product is falsely labeled as organic.  The class action defense strategies of the Watkins Firm in organic mislabeling cases are founded in sound legal “ground” based upon thorough documentation and in some cases testing of products and processes.  We document our client’s actions, every step in the production process and all of the external additives or natural and legal ingredients used during the production of their food or product.

There may also be questions or issues with a producer’s new or amended organic registration process.  Each person in California who is involved in organic product handling or production must register with the State of California Organic Program.  If the expected sales of your organic product exceed $5,000 organic “certification” is required.  Class action defense for organic mislabeling cases can protect the life of our client’s company and the individual’s ability to earn a living.  We aggressively work to prevent the certification of a class.  Our experienced class action defense attorneys contrast the actual positions of representative cases to demonstrate the differing use of organic products, as well as the financial liabilities associated with each proposed class member.

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