The failure to pay for commercial goods or services in San Diego usually results in a breach of contract dispute. If a business client fails to pay for your goods or services there are specific actions which must be taken to protect your interests and maximize the likelihood that you will ultimately receive payment.  Your business should have a proven strategy in place that begins the day following the due date of a payment for contract goods or services.

Most businesses want to preserve customer relationships, and there should be a series of emails, physical mail through the US postal service, phone calls and even in-person collection procedures.  When those collections efforts fail, what steps should you take?  When faced with a breach of contract or an associated failure to pay for commercial goods or services our clients turn to the Watkins Firm to take the next steps to ensure the best possible outcome, while preparing for potential litigation.

A letter from the Watkins Firm to the non-paying party shows that you are serious about enforcing your rights under the contract, and this first step often results in payment.  It also opens the door for us to represent you in negotiations with the goal of resolving the issue in the shortest possible timeframe and with the least amount of expense.  We work to fulfill our customer’s objectives, and to preserve valuable relationships when necessary.  Our unique approach to these cases is designed to resolve the case whenever possible through negotiation or a structured environment such as mediation or negotiation.  When necessary, we are prepared to litigate the failure to pay for commercial goods or services matter in Court.

If you are concerned about a large payment that is overdue or a breach of contract we invite you to review the strong recommendations of our clients and contact the Watkins Firm or call 858-535-1511 for a complimentary consultation today.  Together, we will work to resolve the issue and to secure payment for the goods and services that you’ve provided.

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