Are you facing an issue with a San Diego general contractor over a commercial project or residential construction project?  How can you resolve the dispute and get things moving in a positive direction?  The experienced construction dispute attorneys at the Watkins Firm have decades of experience resolving disputes between property owners and general contractors.  The majority of these disputes are resolved through effective leveraged negotiation.  We work to understand your goals and objectives and take prompt action to gain the attention of the other party and resolve the issues in dispute.

There are many reasons why a project can become mired down.  As the project owner you may be concerned about the quality of workmanship or a failure to perform according to the expectations established at the outset of the project.  You may be facing unforeseen delays, and wondering why progress isn’t regularly being made toward the completion of the project at hand.  Often these disputes come down to questions of payment, and one party holding back payment to get the attention of the other party about an aspect of the project which is in dispute.

We take a unique approach designed to resolve things quickly and efficiently.  Quite often, the underlying contract itself is the source of the issues between the parties.  Perhaps the contract was poorly written or was vague on an important point.  We represent your point of view and apply the benefit of the weight of the law and the harm to the reputation of a contractor who does not provide good work in a timely manner.  When the dispute involves a matter of principle and the parties feel strongly about their position, mediation may be a cost-effective alternative to quickly help the parties to resolve the dispute and get the project back on schedule.

An issue with a San Diego general contractor can be quite frustrating, but the attorneys at the Watkins Firm can help to quickly resolve existing challenges and ensure your project is completed on-time and on-budget.  If you are a home owner or commercial property owner and are involved in a dispute with a contractor we invite you to contact us at 858-535-1511 for a free consultation.

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