Are you searching for an experienced law firm who provides legal services for tax exempt and nonprofit entities in San Diego?  There are a lot of potential legal issues relating to individuals and organizations who intend to raise money or assets to support the community, a political or religious cause, or international good works.  California law (and most states across the US) have established specific laws regarding the legal way to fundraise for any religious or community purpose or for “public benefit” or “mutual benefit.”

Are you interested in establishing a nonprofit entity or a 501(c)(3) corporation?  Do you intend to organize or fundraise in the name of a charity or foundation?

It is not enough to simply claim to be a nonprofit entity.  Nonprofit entities are not automatically exempt from paying taxes to the IRS, the State of California or any other state or jurisdiction for that matter.

The legal term of “nonprofit” refers to the status of your entity as an organization under California law.  The concept of “tax exempt” status applies to legal tax exemption under US (IRS) and California tax code(s).    These terms and concepts are mutually exclusive of one another.

The business entity formation attorneys at the Watkins Firm provide sound counsel to those who wish to avoid the potential for legal disputes, litigation and other potential legal exposure.  We review over 100 important clauses and options relating to the formation and structure of your nonprofit entity.  We help to establish important protections, structure, by-laws, policies and processes for your organization to comply with all federal, state and local laws.

Whether you are a local group, a regional or national entity or an international concern the experienced attorneys at the Watkins Firm provide legal services for tax exempt and nonprofit entities in San Diego and throughout Southern California.  We invite you to contact us or call 858-535-1511 to learn more about how we can protect you personally as well as your organization while providing insight on how to organize and conduct the important work you so passionately believe in.

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