Are you searching for effective San Diego cumis counsel for insurance defense or other representation in a lawsuit?  What is a cumis counsel and how can the Watkins Firm protect your interests and save you a substantial amount of money?

California law provides additional protection for those who carry insurance policies.  You see, there is an inherent conflict under the law when it comes to insurance policies.  This conflict surprises almost all policy holders once a dispute has arisen:

The attorneys of your insurance company owe their first and highest legal duty to the protection of the insurance policy itself, and not your interests.

“WHAT?” we can hear you ask!  What does that mean?  It literally means it is in the interest of and the solemn legal obligation and duty your insurance company’s legal team to throw you under the bus if it protects the best interests of the policy itself.

The good news is California uniquely understands this legal conflict and protects our citizens with the right to seek Cumis Counsel.  Cumis Counsel is simply having your own independent counsel.  The best news is your insurance will be responsible for paying for your cumis counsel.

Lawsuits are obviously quite legally complex, and all parties must be before the Court before a decision may be rendered.  This means you may be listed as a defendant and served papers in a lawsuit.  You will probably receive a letter from your insurance company notifying you that there is a risk the amount of financial exposure exceeds the amount of your policy and you are at risk.

Don’t be alarmed.  You may qualify for effective San Diego cumis counsel for insurance defense or other representation in a lawsuit.  Contact the Watkins Firm or call 858-535-1511 for a free consultation with one of our experienced attorneys.  We will help you to understand your rights and the concept of a Cumis Counsel.  We will protect your interests and ensure any settlement releases you from any liability.  Learn how you can ensure one of the most experienced and proven litigation defense law firms in San Diego is in your corner and fighting to protect your interests.

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