When disagreements lead to serious issues between co-owners in a small business, the company itself can be at risk.  LLC member disputes can be resolved without litigation and relationships can be preserved.  The Watkins Firm has worked for small business owners in San Diego for decades.  We have helped to resolve many serious partnership disputes and disputes between members of an LLC over the years.  We understand the inter-related relationships and monetary interests at stake.  We help to re-establish common ground, establish options and negotiate a resolution that builds a new foundation while moving the company forward.

Disputes between members in an LLC often come down to clarification of roles and responsibilities, as well as issues of trust and confidence.  Our experienced lawyers quickly get to the core of the associated issue(s), and contribute a breadth of experience while creating a positive and constructive working atmosphere.  In some cases, the business may have grown past the skill set of one or more of the co-owners.  It may be necessary to redefine roles, or to obtain additional education or skill development for a member of the management team to support them in their mission within the business.

When suspicions of commingling of assets, theft or a series of poor decisions has come between the parties, our first goal is to get the issues into the light and attempt to clarify appropriate management behaviors and “clear the air.”  It may be necessary to bring in another professional as a member of the management team or to add needed investment to the company.  If one of the original members elects to move on to another project, it will be necessary to establish a fair valuation for their business interest (unless this process has been clearly established within the corporate documents or operating agreement of the LLC.

The Watkins Firm has helped to resolve many issues that the parties felt were “unresolvable.”  There is always hope, and our work is not to expand the conflict but to help to positively resolve it.  LLC membership disputes can be resolved without litigation and we invite you to contact us for a free and substantive consultation at 858-535-1511.

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