Are you searching for the right attorney for a shareholder dispute in San Diego or Southern California?  Are you concerned about how the actions of another shareholder, executive or majority stakeholder has or will affect the value of your investment?  Are there suspicious actions being considered regarding merging the company with another entity or obvious mismanagement of the company?

You Need the Right Attorney for a Shareholder Dispute in San Diego or Southern California

The good news is California has very specific laws which provide additional protections to minority shareholders.  These protections are in addition to the expansive laws governing shareholders in the federal commercial code.  If you are concerned about improper actions, the failure to declare or distribute dividends or any other issue associated with your investment you need the right attorney for a shareholder dispute in San Diego or Southern California.

The Watkins Firm has more than four decades of proven success in cases involving a shareholder dispute.  We have gone up against powerful national interests on behalf of local clients and won.  Ask your Watkins Firm attorney about how we have managed cases which are similar to yours and the types of successful outcomes we have been able to achieve on behalf of our clients.

While the central issue in most shareholder disputes is money there are as many ways for a minority shareholder to suffer unfair business practices are there are stars in the evening San Diego skies.

In many cases, the majority interest and/or company management may use deception or outright business fraud in order to reduce the amount of money they claim you deserve.  This can extend to everything from doctoring company financials and the books to breaches of fiduciary duty, self-dealing, denial of access to corporate books and records or unfair treatment of different shareholders within the same investment class.

We have witnessed cases where a group of the majority have doctored outcomes to lead the shareholders to close an entity, and then turn around and take the central product overseas under a different name while achieving tremendous financial gain.  In that case we achieved a multi-million dollar settlement for the defrauded shareholder we represented.

In another case, we represented a local office of a national chain.  The books were regularly off by a few thousand dollars, and when we investigated we found the accountant in the national office was taking a legitimate expense and instead of dividing it evenly between all the other offices charged the full amount to each office.  When our work was completed our client had fully recovered all financial damages and we had achieved separation for our client’s company from the national entity.

No shareholder dispute is too large or too small.  We work to protect your investment and interests while accomplishing your goals and objectives.

Resolving a Shareholder Dispute Quickly and Efficiently

Why is the Watkins Firm the right attorney for a shareholder dispute in San Diego and Southern California.  The first reason is our extensive track record of success in these cases across more than 4 decades of service to the business and medical / healthcare communities.  The second is our unique approach to resolving a shareholder dispute which is specifically designed to resolve your dispute quickly and in a cost-effective manner.

The Watkins Firm is able to resolve the vast majority of shareholder disputes through effective, leveraged negotiation.  Negotiation is the fastest and least costly way to resolve your dispute.  We represent our clients in mediation.  Mediation is a private legal venue which keeps your personal and financial information out of the public record while creating an environment where disputes can be efficiently resolved.

In cases with substantial interests at stake we represent our clients in arbitration and at trial. The Watkins Firm has the resources, legal skill and experience to represent any shareholder dispute case and achieve a successful outcome for our clients.

If you are looking proven experience, successful strategies and the right attorney for a shareholder dispute in San Diego and Southern California we invite you to review our podcast Episode 14 – Shareholders’ Rights and Disputes, the strong recommendations of our clients and contact the Watkins Firm or call 858-535-1511 for a complimentary consultation today.

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