Well crafted employment contracts prevent wage and hour litigation and facilitate a relationship of productivity and work success.  There has never been a higher number of employee related disputes clogging San Diego courts.  Wage and hour disputes and unpaid overtime litigation lawsuits have significantly increased over the past several years.  The “lawyers for employers” at the Watkins Firm have extensive experience with these disputes, and this expertise informs our work when crafting the type of employment contracts that will prevent future employment litigation cases.

The prevention of litigation begins with a well designed business contract, and this is especially true with employment relationships.  The employment contract should clearly establish the responsibilities of the employee, and the types of performance metrics that are expected in return for an opportunity of employment.  Wage and hour, disciplinary and overtime issues that are clearly addressed in the employment agreement greatly increase the likelihood of success if we face the employee in litigation down the road.

Employment contracts work hand-in-hand with the employee manual, company policies and procedures and the associated practices that are consistently applied by the management team.  Our attorneys craft agreements that protect the rights of the employer, while establishing a legal and enforceable disciplinary process.  This unique approach to employment contracts and associated documents lays the groundwork to prevent employees from manipulating the process and disrupting the “business needs” of their employer.

While well crafted employment contracts prevent wage and hour litigation San Diego employers must also give consideration to the California Fair Pay Act, and its impact upon employment contracts, job titles, job descriptions and associated compensation.  The “factors” that provide for pay differential include rewards for measurable performance, and this can be an excellent strategy for providing compensation for employees who do “essentially the same work” when one is outperforming their colleagues in terms of the quality and quantity of work accomplished.  Performance incentives drive employees to strive for higher performance increasing their fulfillment at work and extending employee loyalty and work satisfaction.

The employment attorneys at the Watkins Firm fully understand that well crafted employment contracts prevent wage and hour litigation.  We invite you to contact us or call today for a free and substantive consultation at 858-535-1511. 

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