What is a “Cumis Counsel“?  Why would I need a cumis counsel for an insurance lawsuit in San Diego and who pays for this?  A cumis counsel is simply an independent counsel who represents your interests and protects you when you are a defendant in an insurance lawsuit.  There is a conflict of interest for the attorneys who work for the insurance company when a lawsuit results from a policy claim: the first and primary allegiance of the insurance company attorneys is the policy itself, not you.  In order to correct this, California has enacted laws that provide policy holders with the right to their own independent counsel or cumis counsel paid for by their insurance company.  You may pick your own cumis counsel, so you’ll want to make sure they have a strong track record of success in litigation and trial work.  The cumis counsel attorneys at the Watkins Firm have served San Diegans for decades, and have the depth of experience and expertise to protect your interests and ensure that insurance company attorneys don’t sacrifice your interests in order to accomplish the insurance company’s goals.

What is the conflict of interest?  Aren’t we all in this lawsuit together?  Isn’t that why I’ve been paying my premiums all along?

Unfortunately not.  The reality is much different.  The conflict of interest is that the attorneys represent the insurance company, and not you.  Their first priority is to protect the policy itself, even if that means sacrificing you and your interests in the process.  It should be clear that insurance companies “are not on your side” and do not have you “in their hands.”  They are for-profit entities that are focused on one goal: reducing or eliminating amounts paid as a result of claims against their insurance policies.  Most lawsuits in California are resolved through negotiation.  During the course of those negotiations (or the mediation or arbitration that follows) insurance defense attorneys will often attempt to shift legal responsibility from the policy itself to the insured.

The cumis counsel attorneys at Watkins Firm protect you, and ensure that any settlement in your case clears you of all legal and financial responsibility – just as you intended when you purchased your insurance policy.  Best of all, our fees are paid for by your insurance company.  You get powerful, experienced and proven representation focused solely on your best interests.  If you need to learn more about cumis counsel for an insurance lawsuit in San Diego we invite you to contact us for a free consultation at 858-535-1511.

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