The Watkins Firm has decades of experience defending San Diego employers in wage and hour litigation such as unpaid overtime and other employee-related allegations. Employee disputes cascade through the organization and impact the operations of business at multiple levels. As a business owner or manager it is important to aggressively defend yourself against allegations of wrong doing by employees.

Defending San Diego employers in wage and hour litigation requires a master of the facts and strong documentation.  The Watkins Firm has a strong record of success defending employers and business owners – even when the client themselves thought their chances were poor. We work with our clients to ensure all internal documentation such as the employee handbook and policies and procedures are up to date and enforceable.  We coach you and your management team to know how to manage every step of the process within the limits of the law.

There has been a significant spike in wage and hour disputes as well as unpaid overtime litigation across San Diego and Southern California over the past 2 years.  Plaintiff’s attorneys are actively seeking cases which can be leveraged to include multiple employees in a PAGA Class Action.  This is a substantial risk to your organization and you need an experienced and proven San Diego litigation team to protect and defend your interests.

Recent changes in California law regarding independent contractors has substantially increased risks for those with 1099 workers.

Many employees file complaints with federal or state agencies resulting in administrative hearings.  If you are contacted by a federal or state labor commissioner or agency this should be a huge red flag.  Do not be fooled by misleading claims such as “we invite you to an informal conference.”  There is nothing informal about it.  You need to be aggressively defended before all state and federal agencies as well as the California Labor Commissioner.

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