Are you searching for experienced corporate attorneys in San Diego or Southern California?  The Watkins Firm business and corporate attorneys have represented business clients in San Diego for decades.  We have extensive experience as business people ourselves, and provide sound general business counsel to LLCs and corporations throughout Southern California.  This begins with sound corporate governance and compliance.  The governance portion of this work focuses upon the protection of the corporate veil ensuring appropriate regular and annual corporate meetings as well as guidance for corporate management, executives and the Board of directors.  Our experienced attorneys also provide updated training to help your team remain current on appropriate laws and regulations and to ensure all actions taken by the company and its individuals are in full ethical and legal compliance.

The Watkins Firm maintains your corporate documents, by-laws, employee handbook, policies and procedures and other crucial corporate policies to protect against litigation exposure and to increase the efficiency and proficiency of corporate management.  We structure the relationship from hiring, through onboarding, training, evaluation, disciplinary actions and ultimately termination.  This reduces the likelihood of employee disputes or a wage and hour lawsuit.  This form of litigation has skyrocketed throughout San Diego and Southern California over the past few years.

We work to ensure all corporate contracts are updated to protect valuable relationships with customers and suppliers alike.  We have regular conversations with our clients to discuss the protection of intellectual property, trade secrets and other corporate assets.  We provide sound counsel on how to prevent employees from competing against your business down the road through the implementation of strong misappropriation of trade secrets and proprietary information agreements and policies.

If you are looking for experienced corporate attorneys in San Diego who will contribute value to your business instead of racking up empty billable hours we invite you to contact us or call 858-535-1511 for a free consultation.

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