Are interested in learning more about forming a new Management Service Organization (MSO)?  How can this decision help to improve your ability to compete while increasing the quality of care you deliver to your patients?  How important is your patient’s satisfaction with your service as a provider?

A Management Service Organization is an ethical, legal and efficient way to make your healthcare organization or medical practice as competitive as possible while preserving your control and income.  Your MSO should also provide valuable protections to you as a physician or licensed medical professional in the State of California. There are important risks associated with this proven strategy which must be addressed and, if possible, mitigated.

An MSO must still have majority ownership who are licensed California physicians.  However, investors and sources of venture capital can invest in healthcare as a minority position.  This provides the resources necessary to position your practice for efficiency and success.  It also allows you to offload many of the more mundane aspects of a medical practice or healthcare business.

Forming a new Management Service Organization allows your company to own the facilities where the practice or business is located while providing an additional layer of legal protections.  Important issues such as data processing, data analytics, billing and even collections can be provided as a service by the MSO.  You are still responsible and accountable for prescriptions, billing issues and compliance with all HIPAA and Stark Law regulations.

Forming a new Management Service Organization modernizes the old model of “networks” of providers offering new opportunities for increasing income and retained profits while protecting your own financial interests and the integrity of your professional license.

This is a legally and financially complex transaction which requires extensive experience and legal skill.  That is why it is important to work with the proven healthcare and medical business attorneys at the Watkins Firm.  We have served the healthcare industry in San Diego and Southern California for decades.  Learn more about how an MSO can help take your own interests and your practice or medical business to the next level.

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