In a recent op-ed in the Union-Tribune, a San Diego entrepreneur laid out a case helping to ensure that our city and state remain technology industry leaders.  The article noted that the best means of ensuring future growth is to continue to preserve intellectual property rights.

The founder and CEO of Aventyn Inc., a health technology information processing firm, wrote that “San Diego is the second-most inventive city in the world,” producing nearly nine patents for every 10,000 city residents.  The executive further noted our city’s and our state’s innovators need protection for their ideas (intellectual property), however.

He wasn’t writing only about the technology that his company’s involved in, but also creative arts such as movies and music, as well as innovations in mechanical processes and in the health care industry. In short, anywhere that patents, trademarks and copyrights apply.

These legal protections enable innovators to reap the fruits of their labors and ideas, shielding creators from those who would simply take the breakthroughs and claim them as their own.

He noted that California’s intellectual property-focused businesses add nearly a trillion dollars to local economies. Much of that dollar amount is generated by the people employed in Science, High Tech and other Intellectual Property (IP) -related industries.  More than seven million Californians works as engineers, artists, writers, etc., are in creative, IP-connected fields at average annual salaries of just over $65,000, which is “about 37 percent more than positions in other fields.”

With 6,500 San Diego science and tech-based firms at work here, the need for experienced business attorneys who can help to preserve intellectual property rights as a San Diego business owner is abundant.

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