A recent article in the Tribune is another source of evidence of the risks for San Diego employers in 2016 and beyond.  The article discussed efforts by federal and state agencies to monitor employer wage and hour compliance, and the ramped up efforts of those agencies to target employers to collect back wages and taxes on behalf of employees.  The number one concern mentioned by representatives of both the Director of Labor Enforcement in San Francisco and federal employment watchdog is unpaid overtime, and that employers were forcing employees to work “off the clock” in order to do their jobs.

National watchdog groups are teaming with state agencies to sponsor legislation that will require San Diego and California employers to provide more extensive reporting on wage and hour related data.  This additional burden, and the risks associated with it should concern San Diego employers.  What steps should you be taking to protect your company and to reduce the risk of wage and hour related litigation?

The “lawyers for employers” at the Watkins Firm are committed to reducing the risks for San Diego employers in 2016 and beyond.  Our attorneys help to bring all internal documentation such as policies and procedures, employee handbooks and employment related contracts and non-disclosure agreements into compliance with federal, state and local laws and ordinances.  We help management teams to tighten communications and clearly and consistently communicate company policy and measurement metrics to employees throughout the organization.

New developments associated with the California Fair Pay Act make it legal for any employee to openly ask another how much they are making.  Employers are finding it much more difficult to provide wage and hour incentives to work second and third shift, or to work in more expensive locations throughout the state.  If you are concerned with the rising tide of employment related litigation and the risks for San Diego employers in 2016 we invite you to contact us for a free and substantive consultation at 858-535-1511.

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