A recent campaign by many leading San Diego technology companies in conjunction with UCSD has raised a few eyebrows.  The campaign, known as #UltimateLifeHack targets UCSD students who graduated and moved to Silicon Valley in search of high-paying jobs and the dream of working for the world’s technology leaders.  It turns out many are tired of the gray skies, long lines in traffic and high priced homes found in the valley.  The campaign is designed to remind them of how much they enjoyed living in San Diego, and the vast amount of opportunity that exists here in San Diego in the Tech and Science sectors for those seeking an alternative.

“In the tech sector, we have this issue with graduates moving up to Silicon Valley,” said Paul Roben, the associate vice chancellor on innovation at UCSD. “It’s not a bad thing …. Let them get the experience, then, at a later date, attract them to come down here.”

San Diego has always been a leading-edge city, and the present growth in high tech companies has left many with jobs to fill.  The campaign and job fair expect to attract between 500 and 1000 engineers and potential employees for the tech and science sectors.  We applaud their efforts.

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