Are you searching for information regarding the formation of an MSO Management Service Organization for your medical practice or a healthcare business in San Diego or Southern California?  Healthcare businesses and medical practices form the backbone of the delivery of healthcare throughout Southern California and across California.  How can the experienced and proven San Diego medical practice and healthcare business attorneys at the Watkins Firm assist with the formation of your MSO?  What are the risks associated with an MSO for physicians and licensed healthcare professionals?

The formation of an MSO or Management Service Organization allows physicians and healthcare businesses to leverage the extensive amount of investors and venture capital seeking to enter healthcare while increasing the quality of service they provide while improving the experience and satisfaction of patients and clients.

California law requires at least one or more California licensed physicians to hold the majority ownership in a medical practice or medical corporation in our state.  Investors and sources of capital who are not licensed physicians may have a minority interest or make an investment in and maintain a minority ownership of a California Management Service Organization but are not legally entitled to be in a majority ownership position of the MSO.

The formation of an MSO or Management Service Organization is a sound legal, ethical and business strategy to connect physicians and medical business interests with important working and investment capital.

Forming a Management Service Organization or MSO for a healthcare related business is a complex financial and legal undertaking.  The Watkins Firm has served healthcare and medical businesses as well as San Diego physicians and their medical practices for decades.  We have extensive legal skill and experience with the formation of an MSO Management Service Organization.  There are genuine risks for licensed professionals in addition to a vast array of governance and regulatory compliance issues associated with an MSO.  Protect your practice, your financial interests and your professional license.  We invite you to review the substantial recommendations of former clients and the legal industry and contact the Watkins Firm or call today to schedule a substantive and complimentary consultation at (858) 535-1511.

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