What is the most important component of any business transaction or relationship?  You may be surprised to learn carefully crafted business contracts in San Diego form the foundation of success in any business transaction or relationship.  Without a well crafted, legally enforceable business contract the likelihood of dispute or challenges rises exponentially.  After decades of service to the San Diego business community I can tell you that the issue that continually causes challenges for many business owners is the quality of the contracts they attempt to use.

Many are looking for an inexpensive solution.  They believe any boilerplate contract downloaded from a legal forms website or copied off the web will do.  Unfortunately, this genuinely increases the likelihood of a dispute or litigation.  Why?  To begin with, California has some of the most complex business and commercial law in the United States.  Downloaded forms do not often account for the nuances in California law, especially business transactions.  The experienced business contract attorneys at the Watkins Firm custom tailor carefully crafted business contracts to the unique application of our business clients and the nature of their relationships and transactions.

While many of our contracts can be modified to fit repetitive situations and relationships, some business contracts must be negotiated and written from scratch.  A buy/sell agreement, asset purchase or stock purchase are examples of business contracts that should be drafted to the unique circumstances they govern.  Many new LLCs miss the importance of the operating agreement which contains dozens of important clauses and sections designed to represent the specific circumstances surrounding the principles and their new business.

Whether you are starting a new company or growing an existing business carefully crafted business contracts in San Diego will make a significant difference regarding the success or failure of your company or venture.

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