Creating intellectual property is one matter.  Once you have obtained it you must defend your trademarks and other intellectual property from infringement in order to preserve your unique rights and ownership.  The Watkins Firm intellectual property attorneys help educate our clients and their employees about the importance of protecting corporate assets.  We help your entire team to understand the nature of your intellectual property and how to help protect it from those who might abuse it or attempt to co-opt it outright.  Watkins Firm attorneys also monitor the marketplace and vigilantly monitor and seek abuses or illegal use of your trademarks, copyrighted materials, logos, inventions and other intellectual property.

If someone attempts to infringe your IP you must defend your trademarks and other intellectual property aggressively.  We usually begin by contacting the parties associated with the infringement and send a “cease and desist” letter telling them to stop using your work.  We may be required to send a Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) takedown notice if the property has been used or infringed on the internet.  In egregious cases it may be necessary for our business litigation attorneys to file a lawsuit and seek a court injunction to prevent the continued abuse or infringement of your corporate assets.

The Watkins Firm takes a unique approach to these situations which is designed to resolve the infringement in the shortest possible time frame and in a cost effective manner.  We work with our clients to establish clear goals and objectives for the matter to take proportionate and appropriate action to bring the situation under control.  Protecting your trademarks, copyrights, inventions and other intellectual property from abuse or infringement is required to preserve the integrity and ownership of your brands, logos, original works and all intellectual property.

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