Have you been sued in a lawsuit related to an insurance policy?  Are you the defendant or a named party to the lawsuit?  Defendants in an insurance lawsuit often qualify for Cumis Counsel under California law.  A Cumis Counsel is your own independent counsel, separate from the team of attorneys representing the insurance company.  Best of all, your insurance company is required to pay your legal expenses if your situation qualifies for your own Cumis Counsel.

The Watkins Firm have decades of successful litigation and insurance coverage experience here in the San Diego region.  We review your coverage and serve as your Cumis Counsel to protect your interests and make sure your own insurance company doesn’t throw you under the proverbial bus when settling your case or during trial.

You see, the attorneys for your insurance company don’t actually represent you.  I know, you thought that was the whole reason you purchased insurance in the first place, right?  Unfortunately, insurance company attorneys have a built-in conflict of interest.  Legally, they owe their primary allegiance to the insurance policy itself, not you.  If they can blame you and shift responsibility onto your shoulders to protect the insurance policy they will.

Now for the good news: California law recognizes this and provides protection for you as the insured defendant.  You are entitled under law to be represented by your own Cumis Counsel.  As your Cumis Counsel, the attorneys at the Watkins Firm aggressively protect your interests at every settlement conference, phone call, hearing or in trial.  We make sure any settlement protects your interests and hold the insurance company to the levels of coverage provided for you in your policy.

Defendants in an insurance lawsuit often qualify for cumis counsel under California law.  Protect your interests.  We invite you to contact us for a free consultation at 858-535-1511 and learn about the decades of experience and expertise the Watkins Firm brings to your side.

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