Business contracts go a long way to establishing the likelihood of business success or disputes in San Diego.  Contracts are at the core of any San Diego business, and I can tell a lot about a business and its likelihood of present and future success simply by reviewing their contracts and employment policies.  After decades of business legal practice I can tell you that one of the biggest differences between business success and failures is the quality of a company’s contracts.

Most expensive business litigation and business-to-business disputes arise out of a consistent pattern: the owner(s) trying to bootstrap their company and doing everything possible to hold down expenses by doing things themselves, only to have things erupt later that cause huge liabilities, or worse, threaten the very existence of the business they have poured themselves into.  My family has owned their own businesses for generations now, and I clearly understand the financial challenges of growing a business and making payroll.  But legal advice and contract construction is not the place to cut corners.

At the Watkins Firm our goal is to help you efficiently and cost-effectively structure business relationships and agreements that provide the greatest opportunity for a successful outcome, while minimizing the impact of a breach of contract upon your company.  We understand that litigation can be one of the most expensive alternatives to resolving a dispute, and we value the experience and expertise required to negotiate a fair and timely resolution.

Establishing the likelihood of business success or disputes in San Diego depends a lot upon your business attorneys.  It is often important to find a way through while preserving important relationships, and yet holding people accountable to the agreements they’ve made with you.  It starts with a free consultation at 858-535-1511, where we will thoroughly discuss the project or issue at hand, identify a strategy and provide a budget before you incur fees.  It’s a sound business relationship between our firm and your company.  A relationship that protects your business and makes you money.

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