Increasing litigation for San Diego’s employment agencies requires sound general business counsel and integrated dispute resolution and litigation expertise.  The Watkins Firm is uniquely positioned to serve the many legal needs of an employment agency.  The recent spike in litigation against these agencies has exposed a new potential source of revenue for Plaintiff’s attorneys.  Lawsuits by employees who are disgruntled are expensive and carry the potential for significant financial liability.  The Watkins Firm guides our employment agency and business clients as they work to tighten internal procedures, policies and the consistent processes required to reduce these risks.

We continue to see a variety of reasons for the increasing litigation for San Diego’s employment agencies and their management teams.  In some cases, allegations of fraud, retaliation, discrimination or wage and hour related offenses have resulted in lawsuits which carry the potential for heavy financial damages while in other cases the threat of the underlying business itself.  The Watkins Firm employs a unique litigation strategy which is designed to resolve these disputes as quickly as possible and in a cost effective manner.

The Watkins Firm resolves most of our cases through effective, leveraged negotiation.  Many clients who thought the allegations against them were overwhelming discover our skilled attorneys have prevailed at trial in similar cases.  This track record of success at trial is a powerful asset when standing up to the allegations of employees and plaintiff’s attorneys.

When necessary, we represent our employment agency clients in mediation and arbitration.  Each of these alternative legal venues provide advantages and opportunities for our skilled legal team to influence a successful outcome in your case.  You should always have skilled representation in these cases, especially in arbitration.  The ruling of the arbitrator is final and cannot be appealed unless fraud or collusion can be proved.

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