How do I find a cumis counsel in San Diego and what is a “Reservation of Rights” letter?  A “cumis counsel” is basically an independent counsel who represents you, personally.  Why is this necessary?  Most people who purchase insurance expect their insurance company to pay for any rightful claims associated with that policy and defend them in a lawsuit.  The surprising fact in these cases is:

There is a legal conflict of interest for the attorneys who represent your insurance company in an insurance related dispute or lawsuit.  They actually owe their legal allegiance to the insurance policy, not to you, the policy holder.  It is their legal responsibility to reduce or eliminate the liability of the policy in a lawsuit, and if that means throwing you, the policy holder, under the proverbial bus they will do so.

Fortunately California law recognizes this legal conflict and provides for the protection of policy holders in California legal disputes and lawsuits by forcing the insurance company to pay for an independent Cumis Counsel for any policy holder who is a defendant in a lawsuit involving an insurance policy when the policy holder may be exposed to liability outside of the policy itself.

If you receive a “Reservation of Rights” letter from your insurance company this should be a huge red flag.  This means the insurance company has concerns regarding part or all of your coverage and you may be exposed to personally liability.  You will probably have the right to your own Cumis Counsel.

How do I find a cumis counsel in San Diego you ask?

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