When you seek expert insurance coverage analysis and policy terms insight in San Diego the Watkins Firm provides decades of experience and a free consultation.  Have you been informed your insurance policy doesn’t cover a claim or received a claim denial for something you believe was clearly covered by the terms of your insurance policy?  Have you received a “Reservation of Rights” letter?Our insurance coverage attorneys provide insurance coverage analysis and policy terms review for individuals and business clients.  We analyze the circumstances surrounding the loss you’ve experienced, the coverage provided by the insurance policy in question as well as the justification of your insurance company for denying coverage under your existing up-to-date policy.

Insurance companies often make mistakes when it comes to coverage claims.  Most insurance adjusters and representatives are not attorneys and they do not have the capacity to review specific terms.  It is not in their interest to approve every claim, and there are many occasions where valid claims are rejected or denied when a loss is clearly covered by the insurance policy.  The proven insurance bad faith attorneys at the Watkins Firm will hold your insurance company accountable to honor the coverage contained within your policy.  We have several options to enforce your claim:

  1. We can negotiate a resolution which achieves your goals and objectives.
  2. The Watkins Firm will pursue a Court Order directing the insurance company to fulfill their obligations.  It is not necessary to prove the specifics of the terms and coverage of your policy in these cases.  We must show there is a genuine likelihood or potential of the existing coverage responsibility.
  3. File a breach of contract lawsuit against your insurer.  Learn about our unique approach to litigation and the steps Watkins Firm attorneys take to resolve your issues in a timely and cost-effective manner.

If you believe your valid insurance claim has been denied we invite you to contact the experienced insurance coverage analysis and policy terms insight attorneys at the Watkins Firm for a free consultation at 858-535-1511.

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