Negotiating an effective commercial lease in San Diego is more challenging than ever.  San Diego’s commercial real estate market currently favors landlords.  The commercial lease document which used to be several pages is now the size of a small novel.  San Diego commercial leases are filled with fine print and complicated legalese.  You need the experienced San Diego commercial real estate attorneys at the Watkins Firm on your side in any commercial lease negotiation in the San Diego area.

It is important to know there is no pre-formatted or standard commercial lease here in the San Diego region.  Each lease is unique and different.  The basic rule in any dispute is “The lease is the law.”  If it isn’t in your lease, it isn’t disputable.

Your commercial lease will have a substantial impact on the life of your company, its profitability and even the corporate culture established by its interior and exterior amenities.  Our skilled trial attorneys are expert negotiators and ensure you receive the best possible result when negotiating an effective commercial lease in San Diego.  We help to negotiate favorable terms and service agreements with landlords, developers and property owners.  We can review their proposed lease or draft the documents which capture the agreement of the parties.

Our skilled commercial real estate attorneys ensure all issues concerning build-out, modifications, amenities, access to rest rooms and kitchen facilities, parking and signage are clearly addressed in your lease.  We ensure fulfillment of all services, repair, maintenance, janitorial services and other elements promised by the landlord within your commercial lease.

When commercial lease disputes arise you know you have strong and proven trial attorneys to protect your interests while working for a resolution in a timely and cost-effective manner.   No one can accurately foretell the future, and our attorneys help to renegotiate the terms of your commercial lease when underlying conditions change, or work out early-out settlements and termination of a commercial lease when necessitated by developments within your business.

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