The strategy to resolve a business dispute in San Diego quickly and efficiently requires an attorney with strong negotiation skill, mediation experience and proven results at trial.  The majority of business disputes will be resolved through effective and leveraged negotiation.  The business dispute attorneys at the Watkins Firm understand the importance of resolving disputes quickly and in a cost-effective manner.  You want things resolved and moving forward as soon as possible and don’t want to pay a huge legal bill.

Our unique approach to litigation ensures that our client’s goals and objectives are achieved.  We work to develop a clear strategy based upon these goals and the core issues at hand.  Damages are the key to resolve a business dispute in San Diego and our legal team immediately goes to work to establish all damages and mitigate our client’s losses.  Our attorneys work to immediately gain leverage and the attention of the other party, inviting them to a constructive negotiation.  In some cases there may be issues of principled disagreement between the parties.  In these cases mediation is an effective alternative to business litigation.

A neutral “mediator” works to establish discussions around remaining issues in the dispute and to help the parties find common ground.  Your attorneys at the Watkins Firm have the expertise and skill to represent you at every step along the way.  From initial negotiations, through mediation and arbitration and ultimately litigation in a Court of Law, our legal team adds strength and credibility to your side of the dispute.  We also strive to protect the valuable business relationships that lie beneath any dispute.  Our clients value our work to repair bridges between the parties, and the positive constructive manner with which we conduct all conversations and negotiations.  This approach and the skill of our attorneys ensures the best opportunity to resolve your business dispute in San Diego in the shortest possible time frame and with minimal cost.

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