Recently, there have been several ADA related lawsuits filed against Napa, California business owners by local person who feels ignored and abused by local businesses.  This individual has filed a series of ADA lawsuits against more than two dozen local Napa businesses in federal court, eleven of them in September alone.  I can see many eyebrows raising here in San Diego, but I assure you this is nothing to take lightly – the minimum fine for these Napa businesses will be $4,000 plus court and legal costs.  Actual costs are usually much higher.  The suits target all types of local Napa businesses from flower shops to liquor stores, and from automotive dealers to restaurants and burger chains.  There is another important warning signal:

The lawyers representing the plaintiff in these lawsuits are based here in San Diego. 

The lawsuits focus mainly upon physical issues with the property of the businesses including out of date signage or lack of signage altogether, and issues related to parking lots and building access.  The complaints note the need for updated signage, fresh paint, increased door width, location of handles and the development of larger aisles to meet federal ADA requirements.

What does this mean for San Diego businesses who have any contact with the general public?  Pay attention, and contact the experienced employer defense attorneys at the Watkins Firm to take preemptive action and to ensure your physical location and internal practices meet federal and California requirements.  Filing these lawsuits is unfortunately quite easy, and it only takes one unhappy customer to generate a lawsuit that will cost you thousands if not tens of thousands or more.

It is interesting that one individual can often lead to a series of ADA lawsuits here in San Diego.  We advise our business clients on all aspects of remaining in compliance with federal, state and local laws including the Americans with Disabilities Act or ADA.  We help our clients to avoid these lawsuits in the first place and represent you if you are served with an ADA, FMLA, FLSA, wage and hour or other lawsuit.  We invite you contact us at 858-535-1511 for a free consultation.  Learn about our services as a general business counsel, and the advocacy we provide to San Diego business owners and employers.


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