What does it mean to receive a Reservation of Rights letter in San Diego and why should you take immediate action?  If you receive a Reservation of Rights letter your insurance company is telling you, in writing, that they are looking for a reason to leave you financially responsible and accountable for your claim.  You have purchased an insurance policy and made all the payments in order to protect yourself, and now you receive a Reservation of Rights letter in San Diego.  Why is the insurance company reserving their rights?

It is important to understand that the insurance company has one focus: maximizing their own profit.  The Reservation of Rights letter tells you they believe it may be possible for them to legally deny you coverage on your policy claim, leaving you financially exposed.  Fortunately, California recognizes that insurance company attorneys do not owe their first allegiance to you, the policy holder.  Their first obligation is to defend the insurance policy itself.  This means the attorneys for your insurance company will attempt to shift part or all of the financial responsibility to you personally.

Due to this conflict of interest, California law provides you with a cumis counsel – an independent counsel who is solely responsible for protecting your personal interests in the matter.  Best of all, your insurance company must pay for your cumis counsel.  However, they do not have any say as to who you select to represent you.  The attorneys at the Watkins Firm have decades of experience defending insurance policy owners in insurance related lawsuits.  We have a strong track record of success in litigation and trial, and our clients value the aggressiveness of our defense.  We work to ensure that any settlement releases you, our client, from any and all financial responsibility for what has occurred.

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