If you are a defendant in an insurance related lawsuit you may be entitled to your own independent attorney.  The Watkins Firm has served as cumis counsel for San Diego insurance lawsuits for decades.  Our extensive and successful track record at trial is the reason you should select the Watkins Firm as your cumis counsel.  We fight to protect the rights and financial well-being of our clients while ensuring the lawyers for the insurance company don’t settle the case or attempt to shift liability to the policy holder.  You see, there is a built-in conflict of interest for the attorneys representing the insurance company in the lawsuit.  They don’t represent you – the policy holder.  Their first legal responsibility is to the insurance policy itself.  That means if they are able to shift responsibility to you personally to get the insurance policy “off the hook” they must do so.

California law is one of the most advanced in the nation, and it realizes the unfair conflict of interest this creates.  California provides one of the most advanced protections for those who are defendants in a lawsuit that is related to insurance coverage: “Cumis Counsel.”  What is cumis counsel?  Cumis counsel for San Diego insurance lawsuits is an independent attorney, who works for you personally – not the insurance company.  Best of all, your insurance company is usually required to pay the bill for your cumis counsel.  You probably received a letter from the insurance company itself warning that you may have financial liability above or beyond the scope of your insurance coverage.  You may have even received a Reservation of Rights letter – telling you the insurance company may deny coverage on part or all of your claim.   The reservation of rights letter is a red flag: contact the Watkins Firm immediately for a free consultation at 858-535-1511.

Why do you need cumis counsel for San Diego insurance lawsuits and all associated negotiations, mediation or arbitration?  To protect your personal interests.  To work side-by-side with the lawyers from your insurance company to make sure they don’t throw you under the proverbial bus.  To ensure that any negotiated settlement, mediation, arbitration or litigation protects your interests and holds the insurance company to the highest legal standards to protect your financial well being.  It doesn’t cost you anything to contact us an learn more about cumis counsel for San diego insurance lawsuits and disputes.  Call us today for a free consultation at 858-535-1511.

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