Have you received an insurance Reservation of Rights letter after submitting what you believe is a valid claim on an insurance policy?  In the industry, the Reservation of Rights letter is sarcastically known as a “denial letter.”  If you have received an insurance reservation of rights letter from your insurer this is a huge red flag, and you need to contact the insurance coverage attorneys at the Watkins Firm for an immediate free consultation at 858-535-1511.

This letter means one thing: Your insurance company is planning to limit or refuse coverage of your claim on some legal technicality.  It is not unusual for a representative of an insurance company to tell an insured policy holder that they are not covered, when in fact their claim is valid under the terms of the policy itself.  You have to remember that the insurance company is in business for one reason: profit.  They are not a “good neighbor” and you are not in “good hands.”  The insurance reservation of rights letter tells you the legal team at the insurance company has determined there may be a grey area that allows them to attempt to convince you your claim is not valid.

Our insurance coverage attorneys will review your policy, the nature of your claim and determine whether or not your claim is valid.  If so, we will hold your insurance company accountable for coverage and for their attempt to deny a valid claim.  Insurance bad faith is exactly what it sounds like: when your insurance company acts in bad faith regarding a valid claim filed under your insurance policy.  California punishes insurance bad faith with severe financial penalties which will cover your legal costs while ensuring that you are provided the valid protections you were promised under the policy you purchased.

If you have received an insurance Reservation of Rights letter we invite you to contact the experienced insurance dispute attorneys at the Watkins Firm or call for a free consultation at 858-535-1511.

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