Are you searching for attorneys with extensive experience creating and implementing an effective employee handbook for San Diego employers?  The employee handbook is one of the most important corporate documents for any business.  It establishes the foundation for the employment relationship and provides necessary and valuable protections for any San Diego employer.  Is your employee handbook up to date?  Does it reflect the substantial recent changes in California and federal employment laws?

The experienced San Diego business attorneys at the Watkins Firm have decades of experience in these matters.  The employee handbook works in concert with the employment agreement, policies and procedures and other corporate documents.  An effective employee handbook for San Diego employers must clearly define what is important to your company, the objectives you expect your employees to meet, the standards for measuring these objectives and providing course corrections as well as a positive vision for how the employee will have a successful experience and ample opportunity while in your employ.

Creating an employee handbook is more than simply establishing rules for how they will be paid and evaluated.  It must be thoroughly constructed to protect your business from a variety of risks associated with employment, especially as they relate to wage and hour issues.  The handbook should establish specific processes for evaluations, increases or decreases in pay, as well as the process of managing any dispute which might arise.

The employee handbook should provide a positive vision of the corporation and how the employee fits into that vision.  The phrasing of the handbook and its policies is crucial to ensure a clear understanding while structuring consistent application and enforcement of every aspect of the employment relationship.  Employers also need to make each employee reviews it and signs appropriate documentation confirming they have done so.  This provides significant leverage to you as an employer if and when a dispute should arise.

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