The Americans with Disabilities Act or ADA was passed in the 1990’s to ensure that all people with disabilities will have an opportunity to access employment opportunities, as well as public spaces and amenities offered to visitors.  We fully agree with the intent of these laws, and in the protection of those who face challenges with disability.  However, due to recent litigation in California that mandates a minimum of $4,000 in penalties for each violation of the ADA (no matter how trivial), a bevy of frivolous ADA litigation has arisen – in many cases involving “serial plaintiffs” who seem to come across ADA violations wherever they go.

It is absolutely possible to defend San Diego employers from frivolous ADA litigation, and to manage all risks associated with employment and space management as it relates to ADA.  There are two primary types of legal actions when it comes to ADA litigation: Title I, which relates to ADA employment violations, and Title III that relates to violations regarding a public space or access to amenities.  Most frivolous ADA litigation matters fall under Title III actions, and relate to a sign being an inch too high off the ground, or some other trivial matter.

The experienced ADA litigation attorneys at the Watkins Firm work with our business clients to bring them into full compliance with all ADA laws and regulations.  We work with “Certified Access Specialists” to ensure that your business and commercial spaces are in full compliance with ADA regulations both in terms of access and signage, as well as access to communications and amenities such as announcements, kiosks and even your website.

It is time to stop frivolous ADA litigation throughout California and here in San Diego.  We invite you to contact us for a free and substantive consultation at 858-535-1511 and learn how you can reduce your exposure to these lawsuits.

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