The San Diego brewing scene is foaming over as consolidations and new start up breweries offer local experiences for San Diego residents and visitors alike.  For one San Diego event specialist, understanding beer is her job.  She works for a local brewery and she recently shared her thoughts on where this niche business is headed in the area.  The young woman predicted that in the next 10 years, the brewing business is going to continue to expand.  Growing and buying local seems to be the new trend, and that definition includes local breweries.

Not only do these breweries produce a drink that many residents enjoy in the warm weather in California at a barbecue, garden party or family get-together, but the breweries themselves provide a night out.  A visit to a brewery not only lets residents and visitors get a rare look at something new to them, but it promotes and celebrates local business.

The young woman used to work in a more traditional art setting, but she said that another features of breweries is that there is a loyal following.  It is made up of those who have become connoisseurs as with wine, not just frat boys who drink with more measurable frequency.

The San Diego brewing scene is foaming over with varying degrees of success.  Can it be maintained over the long term?   Selling the beer is as important as selling the experience she said.  The connoisseurs may be hard to please with a defined palate, but what about those who say they don’t like beer?  For those, she asks about the undertones, whether the beer that individual has tried was sweet, sour, fruity, bitter, malty or floral. Beer is as unique and layered as other foods.

Breweries are not just self-contained production plants.  These specialty manufacturers also sell their wares just as any other producer.

This is one of the reason San Diego breweries need an experienced San Diego business attorney.  Successful breweries often enter into relationships for distribution or joint ventures with restaurants, hotels and other venues where their product will be sold.  We invite you to contact the Watkins Firm or call 858-535-1511 for a free consultation to learn more.

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